Can A Rice Cooker Cook Pasta?

Are you wondering if rice cookers are versatile appliances? The answer is for sure, they are. Rice cookers are time-saving appliances that you can use if you are eating rice and not only on a daily basis.

Once you have a rice cooker, you will definitely experiment more and more with different recipes and you will learn tricks on how to get the desired result in an easier way. This appliance is the best option for when your stove or the pots that you cook in are not available for you to use.

You should know that a rice cooker is known for having the ability to cook different types of pasta, too. The process of cooking is as easy as cooking rice. Make sure that your rice cooker will handle the amount of the pasta when it is cooked because its volume doubles when it is ready.

Make sure to add the right amount of water. You can try and cover the pasta with water and leave above some centimeters, but if you really like to eat the pasta al dente, then you can easily fill the bowl with water. The thing is that a rice cooker can also cook a whole pasta dinner.

Cooking just pasta

You can cook just the pasta with the rice cooker, and then make your sauce separately. You have to add water in the cooking bowl, more exactly from 6 to 8 cups of water for about half of a pound of pasta.

Add the pasta into the bowl with a pinch of salt for the water to get a little salty and to transfer to the pasta. Depending on your desired results, the water should or should not get the pasta itself. You should stir a little bit into the mixture so that the pasta will not get stuck on the bottom of the bowl.

You need to cover the bowl, more exactly to put the lid down and let the cooker prepare the pasta for 8-12 minutes, depending on your own taste. You can taste the pasta to see if it is done.

After it is cooked after your own likings, you have to drain the water and separate the pasta. You should hurry up after this step and use the pasta with the pasta sauce so it will not get dry.

Cooking one-pot meal

There are a few cool ideas that you might want to try when cooking a full meal in a rice cooker. First of all, into the cooking bowl, make sure to add some olive oil and let it warm up by covering the bowl with the lid.

After the oil gets all heated up, you can go to the next step and add a few chopped or sliced vegetables (onions, garlic, peppers) and let them sauté in the oil. Of course, feel free to add what vegetables you enjoy and you think it will work (you can dice squash or why not, zucchini).

If you enjoy eating ground meat, meatballs or any type of sausage, you can add some into the mix. After the mixture gets sautéed, you can take the vegetables and the meat from the cooking bowl and set it near you.

You can add any type of pasta and some water into the cooking bowl. You can also add a little bit of olive oil. If you decided to use spaghetti, you probably want to break the noodles in half, because otherwise, they will not fit in. When you want to cook about 7 ounces of pasta, you can add about 2 cups of water.

After this, add some pasta sauce from a jar. You can use any type of sauce, depending on your preferences. To get closer to the final product, you want to add the mixture from the beginning back to the cooking bowl, over the pasta sauce.

Feel free to add any flavorings if you want to and cover the bowl and let the appliance do some more cooking on the whole mixture. You will notice that most cookers after they are done with the cooking process will turn on their warm mode and will keep the food at a pleasant temperature because you do not want to serve a cold meal.


Having an innovative appliance like a rice cooker will bring only benefits to your home. You can notice in time that an appliance like this is versatile and will help you with cooking rice and other meals, too. Rice cookers can cook pasta on its own and pasta dishes, too.

Your food will be kept warm after the cooking process is done and you will not have to serve your favorite meal cold. Invest in a good rice cooker and benefit from its versatility.

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