How Do You Cook Rice In A Rice Cooker?

Are you a big fan of rice? If you and your family enjoy eating different recipes that include rice on a daily basis, then you probably need to make a new purchase. You should definitely try to use a rice cooker.

This appliance will save you from the daily struggle of cooking and will leave more time for you to do other things. Having a rice cooker at home has many other benefits and making an investment in an appliance like this is totally worth it.

On the market exist, different models of rice cookers, from high-end quality to lower-cost ones, with a smaller capacity ( 2-3 cups), with a bigger capacity for a larger family ( 9-10 cups) and with a capacity that suits commercial and industrial reasons.

Most rice cookers can cook any type of rice (long-grain, basmati, brown etc). When it comes to the process of using an appliance like this, you should not worry because it is not complicated and almost anyone can cook rice with it.

There is no need for you to stay and watch the rice cooker because it has featured a timer that will click when the cooking is done. Next, you will find some tips on how to cook rice with a rice cooker that might help you if you are new to this.

Measure the rice

Before you do anything, decide on how much rice you want to cook. When you are decided, you can start to measure the rice. Most rice cookers come with a special cup for measurement, but if yours does not have one, then you can easily use an ordinary measuring cup.

It is interesting to know that one cup of uncooked rice will generate from 1 ½ to 3 cups of cooked rice, but this depends on the variety. You should always make sure to leave enough space for the expansion of the rice and to prevent the appliance to spill over.


Most people that eat rice rinse it before the cooking process because of possible contaminants that it might have. You can do this by pouring clean water over it or holding the cup under the faucet from your kitchen and then by draining the dirty water. You can repeat this step if you consider it necessarily until the rice is clean and the water does not look discolored anymore.

Measure the water

Most of the rice cookers on the market work with cold water. The amount of water that you add should depend on the type of the rice that you want to cook and the consistency that you want it to have after the cooking process.

Some rice cookers have on the inside of the cooking bowl some graduated marks that indicate the amount of water that should be added. You can also find the amount of water that is needed on the instructions on the rice packaging.


If you want, you can soak the rice that you want to cook in water before the actual cooking. You can do this for 30 minutes before adding it to the cooking bowl. The soaking process will make the rice stickier, so do this only if you want it to get like this in the end.


This step is totally optional, so you can skip this if you want the rice to have its original flavor. If you decide to add flavorings, you should add them into the water before the process of cooking starts.

This way the rice will get to absorb the flavorings while it is cooked. You can add salt, butter, oil, cardamom etc.


After adding everything into the cooking bowl, close the cooker’s lid and plug it to a source. After this, press the button and turn it on. When the cooking is done, some rice cookers have the option to keep the rice at a warm temperature, so that you can serve it at a pleasant temperature anytime.

Remember that it is important not to lift the cooker’s lid while it is working. It will turn off automatically when it is done.


Having one of these appliances at home might be considered time-saving. If you and your family members enjoy eating rice often, then you should do some research and think about investing in a good-quality rice cooker. This appliance will be really helpful and will bring many benefits for you.

It is also really easy to use and if you know exactly how to measure the rice and the water, then you are almost done and the rice cooker will do the rest of the job. Put the rice cooker at work in the morning and by lunch, you can serve a warm meal with rice.

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