Rice Cooker Buying Guide

Are you a big fan of rice and you and your family consume it on a daily basis? Then you might want to do some research and buy a rice cooker.

Make up your mind on a decent appliance like this and you will save precious time every day. Out there on the market are a lot of models that you can choose from and make things easier for you.

One of the first things to talk on about this subject is what is actually a rice cooker? It is a smaller appliance that is used to prepare rice in a more easy way. It consists of a thermostat, a bowl that is designed especially for cooking and of course a source that can provide heat.

About the cooking process, there are some steps that need to be mentioned. You want to add into the cooking bowl the amount of the rice that you want to cook and water. Keep in mind that the more water you will add, the longer it will take the process to be done.

During the cooking process, the mixture heats at the appliance’s full power. At the end of the process, you will notice that the water that you added will be gone. From this point and further, there are some rice cookers that will continue to keep the cooked rice at a warm temperature and others that will simply switch off.

Brands out on the market

The number of available rice cookers on the market probably gets to thousands. There are also many brands that are manufacturing the appliances, but not all of the rice cookers and not all of the brands are recommended.

Some of the most popular brands out there on all the continents, that you can trust and know that you can not choose wrong are Krups, Oyama, Panasonic, Sanyo, Aroma, Miracle Exclusives, Cuisinart and much more.

Types of rice cookers

There are some major types of rice cookers that you probably did not know about. The traditional rice cooker is just a vessel in which you prepare the rice.

You start by adding the amount of rice you desire, water and then you simply press a button and the appliance will start and end the heat by itself. With this type of appliance, it is recommended to only prepare the white rice.

The Micom rice cookers are the ones that have included a smart feature and that is a computer chip that will set the time and the right temperature. This one will cook all the types of rice.

IH+ Micom rice cookers are the cookers that feature heat induction. This type of cooker is special by its heating system because it will heat with a process of induction. What is cool about this the IH+ Micom is that it will cook in a flawless way your rice using a method of adjusting the temperature.

The pressure + IH + Micom rice cookers are those that combine all the heat producing features. They will cook your rice at a faster speed and will provide a more soft texture that will feel easier for your digestion.

How many people are you cooking for?

The rice cookers on the market come with an interesting system of measurement and that is cups (of the rice you put for the cooking process). The appliances come from 1 to 10 cups of uncooked rice capacities.

Anything that comes beyond that is usually used for industry and commercial purposes. You probably want to purchase one for cooking for your family and for this purpose the best options are the 3-cup, the 5-cup, and 10-cup rice cooker if the members of the family are more than 6 people.

Cleaning and usage process

Using a rice cooker is pretty simple. The part that gives people some struggle is the one in which they have to understand how to use the menu. The helpful thing is that the manufacturers will offer their clients a manual with instructions for the beginners.

As referred to the cleaning part, all the rice cookers have an easy process of cleaning. You only have to soak the cooking bowl, brush the remaining of rice and then rinse under water.


No matter how big your family is and how many members it has, out on the market are options for everyone. Regarding the price range, you should know that it varies from 20$ to 400$. All in one, you can find whatever you wish for as long as you keep searching and doing research on the features that the appliances have.

Keep in mind that if you eat rice on a daily basis, you should make a good investment in one of these appliances because it will provide you a longer period of time of saving precious time that you probably lose daily with the cooking process.

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