What are Rice Cookers?

Are you a big fan of rice and you enjoy eating different dishes made with rice often? You might already know that rice is a staple food in different parts of the world and over half of the world’s population consume rice on a daily basis.

Eating rice has a lot of benefits that you can notice in time. For example, rice is a great source of vitamins and minerals (vitamin D, fiber, iron, thiamine, niacin, calcium), it is rich in carbohydrates, it does not contain cholesterol or any harmful fats, is has diuretic and digestive qualities and it can protect your body from many types of cancer.

You can cook your rice in different ways: you can boil or steam it in a pot, you can fry it in a pan or you can let buy a rice cooker and let it cook itself. A rice cooker is a kitchen appliance that is necessary in many people’s kitchens these days.

With this appliance is really easy to cook your rice because it is manufactured to prepare the rice by boiling or steaming it on the program you choose. The cooker consists of a thermostat, a source that can provide heat and a bowl that is designed for cooking.

It is true that some cookers might have more components or sensors and can also have more purposes for usage, but the majority have the components above mentioned.

Basic rice cookers models

You might be wondering how the basic rice cookers work. Well, have to fill the cooking bowl with the amount of rice and water that you want.

While the cooking process is in progress, the mixture heats at the appliance’s full power, the water reaches a temperature of 100°C (that is 212 °F) and it cannot get hotter that the boiling temperature. You will notice that at the end of the cooking process there will not be any water remaining because the rice will absorb some of it and the rest will be vaporized.

At this point, you will see that as the heating process continues, the temperature will rise above the point of boiling and this will make a trip from the thermostat.

On the market, there exists some cookers that will switch to a mode that is lower on power and will keep the rice warm to a temperature that is around 65°C (that means 150 °F). Some models that are more simple will skip this step and will switch off by itself.

You can try an experiment with your rice cooker different ways of cooking because you will notice that if you add more water, the cooking process will take longer to be done.


For the rice cookers to complete the cooking process, it will usually take between 30 minutes and one hour. The appliances that are more advanced have an interesting option that can approximate the time of cooking before the process starts, from the starting point to finish.

The time that your rice cooking will take for the cooking process will depend on some different factors:  the amount of rice that you want to cook, the heating elements and the power that they have and the pressure of the air.

The things that will make the difference between a high-end model and a low-cost one are the elements above mentioned.

Rice types and rice cookers

The thing is that rice cookers can be optimized to prepare a certain type of rice in the best way it can be cooked. A long grain rice is usually cooked in a boil-and-strain method or steaming.

If you cook this type of rice with a Japanese rice cooker, you will notice that the texture will become a little bit more sticky and the taste will become different.

The brown rice is slightly different when it comes to toe cooking process because this type of rice will take a longer time to be prepared. In comparison with the white rice, the brown rice takes longer if it is not broken or if it is blasted by flour.

In this world exist three types of Asian rice, and each of it takes different time to get cooked. The African rice (Zizania or Oryza) is meekly put through the same process and can be cooked with this type of appliance.


Rice cookers can be a great purchase for many families that enjoy eating different types of rice. The appliances can cook with a boiling or a steaming process more foods if they are provided with the required ingredients.

All in one, no matter what type of rice you want to cook, a rice cooker is a time-saving appliance that can do the cooking process for you. You can easily put some water and the amount of rice you want to cook into the cooking bowl in the morning and let it cook for the lunch meal.

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