Aroma Rice Cookers

Aroma rice cookers are some of the most popular on the market today. But is it all marketing hype, or do they really deserve their popularity? Well, lets take a quick look at this popular, affordable brand and find out if its one you should consider investing in.

Why So Popular?

One thing we need to discuss first though is why rice cookers have become so popular in recent years? The simple fact is eating rice isn’t limited to Asians anymore. A growing number of people are discovering how easy to prepare and how delicious rice is. And, of course, with this explosion of interest in Asian cuisine there has been a huge increase in the number and variety of rice cookers available on the market. With so many different brands competing on price, functionality and quality, every manufacturer is constantly trying to differentiate themselves from their competitors. The path that Aroma decide to take was to become recognized as the leading maker of stainless steel rice cookers and, at least as far as customer feedback seems to indicate, it’s a fight they are starting to win.

Why Should I Get The Aroma Rice Cooker

Cooking with a rice cooker is a skill that needs to be mastered. For example, a slight change in the ratio of water to rice can make the difference between rice which is under or overcooked and frankly it can turn out a bit of a disaster. However, with an Aroma rice cooker, anyone can master the art of cooking rice right away because even the basic models feature a sophisticated one touch cook system. All you need to do is add equal parts rice and water, and press the switch and the cooker will automatically cook the rice to perfection then change to its warming function so you can get warm, perfectly cooked rice every time.

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Aroma’s range of stainless steel rice cookers offer a huge selection of features across all of its models but the one thing that makes them special is the build quality. They have built up a formidable reputation for producing high quality rice cookers at affordable prices. Most of their best selling models come in a beautiful stainless steel finish although there are models that come in white, black or even vibrant red finishes so, chances are you can find on that suits your kitchen. Their superior stainless steel finish is what sets them aside from other makes though.

As well as being durable and easy to clean Aroma rice cookers also sport some funky leading edge technology such as their new “smart carb” cookers which claim to reduce the amount of carbohydrates in rice by up to 25%. They achieve this through the use of a unique carb reducing pot which breaks down the carbohydrates which form on the surface of the water as the rice cooks and then drains them away before steaming the rice to perfection. The result is healthier, low carb rice that is cooked to perfection – and all controlled by the smart cooker. I’ve used it and I can tell you the results are impressive,

Aroma rice cookers also have a cool-touch system to prevent injuries in case someone accidentally brushes or touches its exterior. If you have kids, this is a big plus.

Aroma Rice Cookers Features

The latest range of Aroma Housewares cookers – such as the very competitively priced ARC-5200SB (Affiliate link here – thank you reader) offers an impressive range of features such as the ability to cook rice, grains, oatmeal and risottos as well as soup and stew. Its also a versatile slow cooker, steamer and saute pan – in fact, it may be the only cooker you actually need in or kitchen and best of all, most of the cooking functions are controlled through a single button click.

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If you are a professional chef or serious cook then you may also be interested in the Aroma Professional Range

The flagship MTC-80089 is a turbo convection rice cooker which cooks rice quicker and with a more even temperature distribution thanks to its unique turbo convection system. It also comes with Aroma’s patented saute-then-simmer technology which is great for steaming rice, vegetables or even meat – again, all at the touch of a button.

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Feedback From Consumers

There are other brands that have their own line of stainless steel rice cooker, but just read on and you’ll find out why you should get a stainless steel Aroma rice cooker instead of them. Here are just a few things of what consumers say about them.

Aroma rice cookers do not come with heavy price tags but their performance is comparable to that of the more expensive ones. They can even cook rice in less time as pointed out by one review. People also love the convenience it offers. It cooks rice to absolute perfection every single time they used it. You don’t have to watch over it and it doesn’t need a timer. All you need to do is follow its extremely easy instructions, and you’ll be enjoying fabulous meals in no time. The brown rice function of all three Aroma rice cookers is also a big advantage that not all rice cookers offer, not even by some expensive brands. This function will let you enjoy, fluffy perfectly cooked brown rice that will definitely taste delicious. The Aroma ARC 560 may be slightly more expensive than the other two, but its additional pasta function is absolutely worth it. With it, cooking pasta is so much faster and easier. It even cooks pasta al dente!

With an Aroma rice cooker, you can enjoy the convenience of eating perfectly cooked, fluffy and sumptuous rice that will complement any dish. The convenience it offers is unparalleled. And if you get a stainless steel rice cooker, it will open a whole new world of cooking with rice cookers. Enjoy stews, soups, pasta, steam meat and vegetables with every dish of perfectly cooked rice!

So, hopefully I have explained some of the reasons why Aroma rice cookers are currently the #1 selling brand in the US. Personally, I love them and over the years I have owned several. Superior build quality, a range of unique features, a cast iron guarantee and all with the added bonus of being made in the US – whats not to love?

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