A Rice Cooker For One – What a Good Idea

More of us are living on our own these days, and, although there are a lot of benefits, there are also drawbacks. For a start, you need to finance all of your rent, food, utilities, and transportation costs. One of the biggest costs (ok, after rent or mortgage) is of course food, so it stands to reason that you don’t want to buy too much or throw away a lot of it. Not only is that expensive, but it’s also bad for the environment. Now, I have said many times before that rice is great food. It’s versatile, cheap, and easy to cook but, there’s a slight drawback because one of the most difficult things to find is a rice cooker that will be big enough for just one person.

However, they aren’t impossible to find so in this post I’ve outlined some of the things to look for and, of course, I’ve put together a list of 5 rice cookers for one person that is perfect for people who want or need to eat rice on their own. If you are a singleton, I hope you find exactly what you’re looking for, and start enjoying rice more than ever before!

My Top 5 Rice Cookers For One

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Small Rice Cooker For One Person Or Two Servings Of Rice

A rice cooker for one is perfect for anyone who wants to prepare rice on their own. As well as the usual benefits of a rice cooker such as their ability to save you time, energy and money they also simplify the whole process of cooking great-tasting rice.

Of course, although they are great appliances, rice cookers tend to be designed for larger families who may need 6 or even 10 portions of rice in a single sitting. They’re often too big for just one person. And, it’s not just single people who are left out, as couples only need 2 servings of rice per meal and, again, you may find that you are using more energy or taking longer to cook larger portions in the normal rice cooker. However, like almost everything, there’s is a solution at hand if you take the time to do your research and, in this case, a small rice cooker is a perfect solution. But, before I get into the best ones on the market today, let’s look at a few other advantages of a small rice cooker.

A Small Rice Cooker is Ideal For Traveling

Cheerful traveller is hiking near a coastline

Believe it or not but many people do take their rice cooker with them when they travel. In fact rice cookers are an excellent thing to take on trips since they can make rice anywhere you go, even if there’s no kitchen available. Of course, you need a power source so they are best used in an RV or automobile – you don’t want to carry a 20-mile-long reel of cable to plug your rice cooker in if you are hiking :). But if you stay in hostels, hotels or even AirBnB then taking your own rice cooker isn’t as daft as it may sound. In fact, one of my friends is a regional airline pilot who swears by taking his compact rice cooker wherever he goes on a job.

Although it is possible to find propane-powered rice cookers, I wouldn’t recommend them, as they are expensive to run and the temperature control is not as good as electric ones.

Small Rice Cooker With Glass Lid

I recommend buying a rice cooker with a glass lid if possible as this will make it easy to check on your rice as it cooks without having to open the cooker and let the flavor and heat out.

Aroma Rice Cookers

Mini Rice Cooker With Keep Warm Function

A rice cooker with a keep warm function is perfect for anyone who wants to eat rice throughout the day. Most rice cookers for one person come with some kind of keep warm feature these days meaning that you can cook your meal the night before and then just have it warming ready for when you get home from work after a busy day. Keep warm is a great feature that used to onlky be available on larger cookers but, as I say, most small cookers have it so buy one with this function if possible.

Of course, rice cookers will save energy and money over time since they cook food automatically without the supervision needed and they can also be used to make rice, steam food and much more.

Small Rice Cooker With Digital Controls

 Reishunger Digital Mini Rice Cooker & Steamer

Buying a small rice cooker with digital controls is perfect because it’s much easier to use and control the rice cooking process. Most of us are used to using appliances with digital controls these days and because of the small size of rice cookers for one person, it’s often impossible to physically fit on all the buttons you need to control the many different cooking modes and timer functions that they support. So, most small cookers either have very simple rotary controls or use some sort of digital controls. It may seem daunting at first if you’re not an experienced cook but my advice is to just spend a few minutes with the manual or even better, jump onto YouTube and you can usually find instructions for using your cooker.

How to Cook Rice for One Person in a Rice Cooker

Well, of course, cooking rice for one person is exactly the same as cooking for 10 or 20 people – just with smaller amounts.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to make sure you have enough water in the cooker as the smaller rice cookers are actually rated at the same power level as large ones – usually 1500W – 1800W but , of course, the cooking vessel is much smaller. This means that, if you get the temperature setting wrong, the water will evaporate much quicker as there’s a lot less of it!

Add to the fact that most rice cookers for one person don’t have advanced features such as fuzzy logic control and it means you really should keep a close eye on what’s happening – which is a good case for buying one with a glass lid – as I mentioned above.

One advantage of small rice cookers though, is that they don’t heat up your kitchen as ovens or stovetops will. This makes them great for cooking rice on hot summer days when it’s already too hot to be in the kitchen all day long.

Top 5 Rice Cookers For one Person

Zojirushi NHS-06 3-Cup Cooker

The Zojirushi NHS-06 3-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer is ideal for singles or couples. It has a compact size with the same quality and technology that you expect from a Zojirushi product. This rice cooker and warmer includes a “fuzzy” logic microcomputer that automatically adjusts cooking temperatures and times, depending on factors such as altitude, to ensure perfect results every time. The unit comes with an inner cooking pan made of durable nonstick material that makes it easy to clean up after use. A plastic measuring cup is also included.

DCIGNA 1.2L Mini Rice Cooker

The DCIGNA Mini Rice Cooker makes cooking rice and whole grains as simple as placing ingredients in the bowl and turning it on. The rice will cook perfectly on its own, giving you time to prepare the rest of your meal. There’s no need to worry about boiling water, adjusting the temperature or even setting a timer – it will automatically shift to warm once the cook cycle is complete.

Its simple, one-touch operation means perfect rice every time as it automatically cooks rice then shifts to keep warm. The cooking pot and steam pan are dishwasher safe an it features a handy lid liner.

WHITE TIGER Portable Travel Steamer , 1L Capacity

The White Tiger portable travel steamer is the perfect appliance to make rice and whole grains in. Making rice on a stovetop can be a challenge, but with this cooker, it’s as easy as placing the ingredients in the bowl and turning it on. The rice will cook perfectly on its own, giving you time to prepare the rest of your meal. There’s no need to worry about boiling water, adjusting the temperature, or even setting a timer-it will automatically shift to warm once the cooking cycle is complete. Clean-up is a snap with the removable lid liner and, of course, it’s dishwasher safe.

Mishcdea Small Rice Cooker 3 Cups (Uncooked)

The Mishcdea mini rice cooker is perfect for small families or singles. It is a high quality product with one year warranty. The rice cooker has a stylish design, that will fit in any kitchen and can be used as an additional decor item.
This rice cooker makes 1-3 cups of cooked rice, it is ideal for people who want to cook only enough for themselves or their family members. Its capacity allows you to cook up to 3 cups of uncooked long-grain white rice.
It uses a gold thick, spherical pan that provides even heating for better cooking, ensuring great results every time.

Maxi-Matic Electric Non-Stick Rice Cooker & Steamer

The Maxi-Matic Electric Non-Stick Rice Cooker & Steamer is the perfect kitchen tool for any home. With a 3 cup capacity, it can make up to 6 cups of cooked rice. The rice cooker automatically sets to Keep Warm so there is always a hot meal ready for everyone. This rice cooker makes fluffy white rice quick and easy and also cooks delicious brown rice, long grain rice or mixed rice. It can cook more than just rice, making soups, stews and porridge too!

Final Thoughts

Rice cookers can make rice quickly and easily, saving you time. They also don’t heat up your kitchen like ovens or stovetops will, making them great for cooking rice on hot summer days when it’s already too hot to be in the kitchen all day long. If you enjoy eating rice but struggle with getting rice cooking properly, a rice cooker may be the perfect solution as they simplify your rice-making process by doing most of the work for you. If you need more information about small rice cookers suitable for one person, then please leave a comment below and I’ll try to help.

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