Hi, and welcome to my small site dedicated to rice cookers.

My name is Lily Chan and I am a proud Asian-American. I live in beautiful Seattle where my family moved to in the 1950s from South Korea. I grew up learning to cook the Asian way – lots of aromatic herbs and lots of wonderful sticky rice! Of course, today, my family still eats rice almost every day but, thanks to technology (and rice cookers in particular) I dont have to spend nearly as much time as I used to slaving over the hob.

A couple of years back I went to buy a new rice cooker and i was shocked at how little information there was about which one I should buy so, naturally, being a pro-active mom I decided to do something about that. And Rice Cooker Junkie was born.

Ive plowed a lot of time and effort into this project and its become a bit of an obsession for me but I hope you enjoy my work and find my content useful. I have put some links int the content to help offset the bills – Amazon give me a small kick-back but, if you prefer to just buy direct then I hope you will take my recommendations and enjoy cooking your rice in the most convenient way possible – with the help of a rice cooker!