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Rice Cooker Junkie is the only site you need to visit to get the lowdown on everything to do with rice cookers. Bringing you the best deals on top brands such as Zojirushi, reviews of all the top models, and of course lots of great advice to help you get the most out of your rice cooker. 

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Welcome to Rice Cooker Junkie, home of some of the best information on the net about rice cookers, cooking rice, and, generally, enjoying this most versatile of foods.

Are you a big fan of rice? Do you and your family eat it regularly? Maybe you eat it every day? If so, then chances are you would definitely benefit from a rice cooker. But, with so many models available, each of them with a host of features, how do you choose the right one for your needs? Well, thankfully, at Rice Cooker Junkie, we have done all of the heavy lifting and reviewed the best-rated rice cookers on the market.

So, why not kick back, read our rice cooker reviews or even check out some of our handy rice cooking tips and make up your mind on the best rice cooker for your needs.

best rated rice cookers

Well, as you might imagine, a rice cooker is simply a small appliance that is used to prepare rice in a fast and convenient way. It consists of a thermostat, a bowl that is designed especially for cooking rice, and, of course, a heat source.

However, that only covers the basics because today’s modern rice cookers also come with a host of time-saving features such as computerized displays, touch controls, advanced times, and even fuzzy logic.

When it comes to the actual cooking process, there are also some steps that need to be explained. First of all, you simply add the amount of rice that you want to cook along with the appropriate amount of water into the cooking bowl. But, keep in mind that the more water you add, the longer it will take the cook to complete.

During the cooking process, the mixture will heat at the appliance’s preset level. At the end of the process, you will notice that the water you added will be gone. From this point on, there are some rice cookers that will continue to keep the cooked rice at a warm temperature – but without burning it – and others that will simply switch off.

We Cover the Best Selling Brands

The number of available rice cookers on the market most probably extends to thousands; we certainly haven’t tried to count them all, but there are a lot. However, most of these appliances are made by relatively few manufacturers and may even be the same devices just re-branded. And, of course, not all brands are created equal. But, if you want to get started, then I suffest you look at our run down of the best Japanese rice cookers as they tend to be the most widely respected kind.

Some of the most popular brands out there at the moment are Zojirushi, Krups, Oyama, Panasonic, Sanyo, Aroma, Miracle Exclusives, and Cuisinart although there are many others that are good, depending on your requirements and how much you have to invest.

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Some Rice Cooker FAQs

In its simplest form, the traditional rice cooker is just a vessel in which you prepare the rice but, there are some exotic types of rice cookers that you probably did not even know existed.

For example, Micom rice cookers are ones that have a range of smart features controlled by microchips that will set the time and the right temperature. As well as cooking all the types of rice you are, pretty much guaranteed perfect results every time.

IH+ Micom rice cookers are those which feature heat induction. This type of cooker is special because it heats the rice using a process of induction. The cool thing about induction cookers is that they deliver almost perfect results as they provide a more distributed heat rather than traditional cookers which heat the bottom of the bowl. Of course, This means they are less prone to sticky or burnt rice.

The pressure + IH + Micom rice cookers are those that combine all the features in one powerful package. They will cook your rice at a faster speed and will provide a softer texture that will look and taste great.


Most rice cookers on the market come with a traditional system of measurement i.e. cups. Most range from 1 to 10 cups of uncooked rice although industrial cookers can handle many more.

You probably just want to buy one for cooking for yourself, or the family and, for this purpose, the best options are the 3, 5 or 10-cup rice cookers although 10 cup cookers are really only for larger families or 6 or more.


Using a rice cooker is pretty simple. The part that gives people some difficulty is learning to understand how to use the menu systems. Of course, almost every manufacturer provides a comprehensive manual with instructions for beginners, so if you are willing to invest the time reading it, then things should work out fine.

As far as cleaning is concerned, most modern rice cookers have an easy cleaning process thanks to specialist coatings or even self-cleaning functions. We have a full guide to cleaning your rice cooker here.


No matter how big your family is there are rice cookers available to suit your needs. As far as price is concerned, most of the best-rated rice cookers range from $20 to $400. Of course, if you are investing a couple of hundred bucks in a kitchen appliance,then you really should do your homework and read some rice cooker reviews first. So, let’s do just that!



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