How To Cook Millet In A Rice Cooker

Homemade puffed millet granola

As you already know, a rice cooker is a great appliance to have in your kitchen if you are looking for an easy way to cook up some of your favorite dishes. Millet is one of those grains that may not be as popular as other types, but it has many benefits. It’s also very […]

How To Cook Oatmeal in a Rice Cooker

Raw Organic Steel Cut Oats

When you are cooking oatmeal, it is important to know how long to cook it for. It can be time-consuming and annoying to watch a pot of good old fashioned oats, waiting for it to thicken up. This is where a rice cooker comes in handy! So, if you have ever asked yourself, can you […]

How to Cook Chinese Sticky Rice

Homemade Mango Sticky Rice

One of the most popular, but least appreciated varieties of rice is Chinese sticky rice. I eat it almost every time I go to my favorite Chinese restaurant, and I love the taste but I also love to cook with it because its so versatile But, have you ever wondered how to enjoy sticky rice […]

How To Cook Black Rice Like a Chinese Restaurant

Black rice

If you are the health conscious type then, chances are you are always on the lookout for the next super-food? Well, did you know that black is the new brown! That’s right, black rice is gaining popularity as a healthy super-food so, in this post, I’m going to check out how to cook black rice […]

3 Amazing Hacks To Clean A Rice Cooker

Washing up. We all hate it. And while most dishes can be thrown into the dishwasher, unfortunately, thats not an option with your rice cooker. So, if you have been scratching your head and asking “whats the best way to clean a rice cooker” then I have 3 amazing hacks that I use to get […]

What is Fuzzy Logic Technology? And Why is it in my Rice Cooker?

Programming code abstract technology background of software developer.

AI, machine learning, neural nets – it seems that technology buzzwords are everywhere these days – and they are growing in number. But one strange sounding term has actually been around for quite a while now – and whats more surprising is that it can be found, hard at work, right inside your rice cooker. […]

5 Simple Tips To Cook Perfect Arborio Rice

Raw Organic Arborio Rice

As you know I’m a bit of a rice aficionado but I have to confess that until a few years ago I hadn’t even heard of Arborio rice. However, once I tried it, I was a true convert. Its not the easiest rice to cook but with a bit of practice, and the advice in […]

How To Cook Porridge In A Rice Cooker

At this time of year with the crisp Autumn mornings, it’s so important that we have a hearty filling breakfast – especially the kids. So, its a great time to be thinking about one of the most nutritious, filling breakfasts you can get – porridge. In recent years, porridge has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity […]

Can You Use A Rice Cooker As A Slow Cooker?

Rice cooker or slow cooker? It’s a question that’s been bugging me, and many of my friends, for ages. So, lets put this question to bed right now – can you use a rice cooker as a slow cooker? Why would you even want to? Will it work? What could go wrong? Ok, so that’s […]

How To Cook Mexican Rice in a Rice Cooker

Homemade Mexican Black Beans and Rice

Hot Tamale! If you love spicy food then you are going to love Mexican Rice! Its fiery, flavorsome and goes with lots of dishes – and its really easy to make. Let me show you now how i make mexican Rice using – you guessed it – your rice cooker. Mexican rice or, as its […]