Best Rice Cooker with Steamer 2024: Top 10 Picks

Induction-powered rice cookers with steamers have gained immense popularity due to their exceptional performance in cooking fluffy rice and steaming vegetables simultaneously. These machines are a favorite among recipe developers and sushi enthusiasts, as they provide the perfect pressure and temperature for cooking rice to perfection. Our team of testers put these cookers, including the cup rice cooker, aroma rice cooker, and cup micom rice cooker, through rigorous testing to evaluate their cooking performance, ease of use, cleaning process, and overall design.

Whether you’re a busy professional, a home cook or a recipe developer looking for simple yet efficient cooking solutions, finding the right rice cooker machine with a steamer and measuring cup can make all the difference. Join us as we dive into the features and benefits of these versatile cookers that will surely elevate your quick cook food preparation experience. Discover the convenient cook setting of the cup rice cooker.

Product COSORI Rice Cooker Maker 18 Functions AROMA Digital Rice Cooker Zojirushi Rice Cooker
Types of Rice White and brown rice, grains, oats, vegetables, soups, flavored rice. Cookers are perfect for quick cook meals like jasmine rice. Cookers can also be used to boil water for various recipes. Multiple cooking functions
Cooking Technology Fuzzy logic technology Microcomputer
Capacity 10 cups Up to 3 cups
Keep Warm Function Yes Yes Yes
Delay Timer Function Yes 15-hour delay timer
Quick Rice Feature Yes
Steaming Capability – Steams meat and vegetables
Nonstick Inner Pot Material – Bonded Granite
Easy to Clean – Dishwasher-safe accessories – Removable steam vent cap
Display – Bright LED countdown and touch display – Programable digital controls
Additional Accessories – Includes 50 chef-created recipes – Steam tray, rice measuring cup, serving spatula

Please note that the information provided is based on the given details in the query regarding water settings and the use of neuro fuzzy technology for better results.

Comparison Breakdowns

COSORI Rice Cooker Maker 18 Functions

COSORI Rice Cooker Maker 18 Functions

Wide Range of Cooking Options

The COSORI Rice Cooker Maker offers an impressive array of cooking functions for rice cookers. It can cater to your culinary needs by cooking rice, water, and other ingredients. With its cup measurement feature, you can easily measure the amount of water needed for cooking. The COSORI Rice Cooker Maker is a great alternative to the Cuckoo rice cooker. Whether you’re craving fluffy white rice, nutty brown rice, or even other grains like oats, this Cuckoo rice cooker has got you covered. It can cook up to 6 cups of water for perfect rice every time. Not only that, but quick cook it also allows you to prepare vegetables, soups, and even flavored rice dishes in cookers. With such a wide range of quick cook cookers, you can easily experiment with different recipes like brown rice and sushi rice and satisfy your taste buds.

Precise and Consistent Cooking Results

One standout feature of the COSORI Rice Cooker Maker is its utilization of fuzzy logic technology. This technology ensures that the cookers produce perfectly cooked rice every time. The inner pot is designed to hold the right amount of water for cooking, and the cup provided helps in measuring the correct amount of rice. This advanced technology ensures precise and consistent cooking results every time, whether you’re using a cup rice cooker or cooking uncooked rice, whether it’s brown rice or white rice. By constantly monitoring the water temperature and adjusting the cooking time accordingly, the rice cooker guarantees perfectly cooked rice in the inner pot without any guesswork involved. Say goodbye to undercooked or overcooked rice!

Automatic Keep Warm and Delay Timer Functions

Convenience is key when it comes to using the COSORI Rice Cooker Maker. With its included cup and inner pot, cooking rice is a breeze. The cup rice cooker comes equipped with automatic keep warm and delay timer functions, making it easy to cook white rice, brown rice, and uncooked rice while planning meals. The keep warm function of the 6-cup rice cooker automatically kicks in once the cooking process is complete, ensuring your food stays warm until you’re ready to serve. This function is enabled by the water and inner pot. The delay timer function allows you to set a specific time for the cooker to start cooking so that your meal is ready exactly when you want it. This feature is especially useful when using the inner pot as it ensures that the water is heated and ready to cook your meal at the desired time.

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Quick Rice Feature for Faster Cooking

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we need our food prepared quickly without compromising on taste or quality. In such cases, a cup rice cooker can be a lifesaver. With just the right amount of water and the inner pot, you can have your meal ready in no time. The COSORI Rice Cooker Maker understands the need for faster cooking times and includes a quick rice feature, making it easier to cook rice in less time. The inner pot of the cooker helps in efficient water absorption for perfect rice every time. This feature cuts down on the overall cooking time of rice by using water and an inner pot, while still delivering deliciously cooked rice.

Easy to Clean with Dishwasher-Safe Accessories

Cleaning up after a meal can be a chore, but the COSORI Rice Cooker Maker makes it easier for you. With its convenient design, you can easily cook rice and steam vegetables using water in the inner pot. The accessories that come with this rice cooker, including the inner pot, are dishwasher-safe, making cleanup effortless. You can easily clean the inner pot and other accessories with water. Simply remove the inner pot of your cup rice cooker, steam basket, and other removable parts and place them in the dishwasher with water for a hassle-free cleaning experience.

Bright LED Countdown and Touch Display

The COSORI Rice Cooker Maker, designed for cooking rice, features a bright LED countdown and touch display, making it incredibly user-friendly. This rice cooker requires water to cook the rice effectively. The countdown display of the cup rice cooker shows the remaining cooking time at a glance, so you can plan your meal accordingly. It ensures that the right amount of water is used for cooking. The touch display allows for easy navigation through the various functions and settings of the rice cooker, including water control.

Compact Design with 10 Cup Capacity

If you’re concerned about saving space in your kitchen, the compact design of the COSORI Rice Cooker Maker is perfect for you. This rice cooker is also great for conserving water while cooking. Despite its small footprint, this rice cooker has a generous 10 cup water capacity, allowing you to cook large batches of rice or other dishes without taking up too much counter space.

Includes 50 Chef-Created Recipes

To help you get started on your culinary journey with the COSORI Rice Cooker Maker, it comes with 50 chef-created recipes that include water. These cup rice cooker recipes cover a wide range of cuisines and will inspire you to try new flavors and combinations. Just add water and enjoy!

AROMA Digital Rice Cooker

AROMA Digital Rice Cooker

Equipped with a good electric rice cooker, the 8x bonded granite nonstick inner pot ensures quick cooking and easy cleaning. The cup rice cooker is perfect for making delicious rice dishes.

The AROMA Digital Rice Cooker comes with a remarkable water feature that sets it apart from other rice cookers on the market. It is equipped with an 8x bonded granite nonstick inner pot, making it incredibly easy to cook and clean after use. The pot can hold a large amount of water for cooking various dishes. No more scrubbing or soaking required! The nonstick surface prevents rice from sticking to the bottom, ensuring that every grain of rice is cooked to perfection without any burnt residue. This feature not only saves you time and effort but also ensures that your rice cooker remains in pristine condition for years to come.

Programmable digital controls allow for customized cooking settings

With its programmable digital controls, the AROMA Digital Rice Cooker gives you complete control over your cooking experience. You can easily set the desired cooking time and temperature according to your preferences. Whether you want fluffy white rice or perfectly cooked brown rice, this rice cooker has got you covered. The intuitive interface makes it effortless for cooks to navigate through the various options and select the perfect setting for each type of rice.

Includes a Flash Rice function that reduces cooking time by 50% for quick meals in the instant pot, food steamer, and slow cooker cookers.

When you’re in a rush and need a quick meal, the AROMA Digital Rice Cooker’s Flash Rice function comes to the rescue. This innovative feature cuts down the cooking time by 50%, allowing you to enjoy deliciously cooked rice in no time at all. Whether you’re a busy cook preparing dinner after a long day at work or a host hosting a last-minute gathering, this function will ensure that your meal is ready in record time without compromising on taste or quality.

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In addition to its impressive speed, this function also maintains the flavor and texture of different types of rice varieties such as basmati or jasmine. It’s perfect for anyone who loves to cook rice. So whether you’re craving fluffy long-grain rice or sticky short-grain rice, the AROMA Digital Rice Cooker will deliver consistently perfect results every time.

Versatile steamer basket for cooking a variety of meals

The AROMA Digital Rice Cooker isn’t just limited to cooking rice. It also comes with a versatile steamer basket that allows you to prepare a wide range of meals. From steaming vegetables to cooking tender meats, this rice cooker doubles as a convenient food steamer. The steam tray ensures that your food retains its nutrients and flavors while being cooked to perfection.

Zojirushi Rice Cooker

Zojirushi Rice Cooker

Triple Heater System for Even Heating

The Zojirushi NS-LGC05XB Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer is equipped with a triple heater system that ensures even heating from the bottom, side, and lid. This feature guarantees that your rice is cooked thoroughly and evenly, preventing any undercooked or overcooked portions. The triple heater system is especially beneficial when cooking delicate grains like sushi rice or stovetop rice, as it maintains the ideal temperature throughout the cooking process.

Compact Design Perfect for Small Households

With a capacity of up to 3 cups, this Zojirushi rice cooker is designed specifically for small households. Its compact size makes it an excellent choice for individuals or couples who don’t need to cook large quantities of rice at once. The smaller footprint also means it takes up less counter space in your kitchen, making it an ideal option for those with limited space.

Automatic Cooking Adjustments with Microcomputer Technology

One standout feature of the Zojirushi NS-LGC05XB Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer is its microcomputer technology. This advanced technology allows the rice cooker to automatically adjust the cooking temperature and time based on the type of grain being cooked. Whether you’re cooking white rice, brown rice, or even mixed rice, you can rely on this rice cooker to deliver perfect results every time without any guesswork.

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Buying Guide

There are a few important factors to consider. Let’s dive into these factors to help you make an informed decision.


The first thing you need to think about is the capacity of the rice cooker. How much rice do you usually cook? If you have a large family or often entertain guests, a larger capacity cooker may be more suitable for your needs. On the other hand, if you’re cooking for one or two people, a smaller capacity cooker will suffice.


Consider the features that come with the rice cooker. Each brand and model offers different functionalities that can enhance your cooking experience. For example, some rice cookers come with preset functions for cooking different types of grains or meals like oatmeal or soup. This can save you time and effort in figuring out the right settings.


Durability is another crucial factor to keep in mind when choosing a rice cooker with a steamer. You want an appliance that will last for years without any issues. Look for models made from high-quality materials that are built to withstand regular use.

Size Selection

Selecting the right size of rice cooker based on your household needs is essential. A small-sized cooker might not be able to accommodate larger meals, while an oversized one can take up unnecessary space in your kitchen. Consider how much food you typically cook and choose accordingly.

Additional Features

Some rice cookers come with additional features that may influence your buying decision. For example, having a removable steam vent cap makes cleaning easier and prevents messy overflows during high-temperature cooking. A retractable cord helps keep your countertop tidy when not in use.

Now let’s take a look at some top-rated rice cookers with steamers available on the market:

  1. COSORI Rice Cooker Maker 18 Functions: This versatile appliance offers a wide range of cooking options, including different types of rice, grains, vegetables, soups, and flavored rice. With its fuzzy logic technology, you can expect perfect results every time. It also comes with a keep warm function and a delay timer for added convenience.
  2. AROMA Digital Rice Cooker: This cooker features programmable digital controls and preset functions for various meals. Its Flash Rice function cuts down cooking time by 50%, making it ideal for those in a hurry. The nonstick inner pot is easy to clean, and it comes with a steam tray for steaming meat and vegetables.
  3. Zojirushi Rice Cooker: The Zojirushi NS-LGC05XB Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer offers multiple cooking functions for different types of rice and grains. Its triple heater ensures even heating from all sides, resulting in perfectly cooked rice every time. With its compact design and retractable cord, storage is a breeze.
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Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of our blog post on the best rice cookers with steamers. We’ve covered a lot of ground, from comparing different models to providing in-depth breakdowns of some top contenders. Now, armed with all this knowledge, you’re ready to make an informed decision and find the perfect rice cooker for your needs.

But before you rush off to make your purchase, let’s recap what we’ve learned. The COSORI Rice Cooker Maker 18 Functions offers versatility and convenience with its wide range of cooking options. The AROMA Digital Rice Cooker combines simplicity and efficiency for those who value ease of use. And if you’re after unparalleled quality and durability, the Zojirushi Rice Cooker is a fantastic choice.

Now that you know which rice cookers stand out from the crowd, it’s time to take action. Consider your cooking preferences, budget, and desired features as you weigh your options. Don’t forget to read customer reviews for added insights!

Remember, finding the best rice cooker with a steamer doesn’t have to be overwhelming or confusing. With our guide by your side, you’re well-equipped to make a decision that will elevate your culinary adventures in the kitchen. So go ahead, choose your ideal rice cooker and start enjoying perfectly cooked grains every time! Happy cooking!


What are the advantages of using an instant pot rice cooker with a steamer? Instant pot cookers offer the convenience of a cooking pot and the versatility of a stovetop.

Using a rice cooker with a steamer offers several benefits. Firstly, it allows you to cook rice and steam vegetables or meat simultaneously, saving you time and effort in the kitchen. Secondly, the steaming function helps retain nutrients in your food, ensuring healthier meals for you and your family. Lastly, many rice cookers with steamers come with additional features like programmable controls and preset functions, making cooking even more convenient.

How does fuzzy logic technology improve the cooking process?

Fuzzy logic technology is an advanced feature found in some rice cookers. It uses artificial intelligence to adjust cooking time and temperature based on various factors like water content and grain type. This technology ensures that your rice is cooked perfectly every time, eliminating the guesswork. By using fuzzy logic technology, you can enjoy consistently delicious results without any hassle.

Can I use my rice cooker to prepare other dishes besides rice, such as cooking pot recipes? As a recipe developer, I often experiment with different cookers like the instant pot.

Absolutely! Many modern rice cookers come equipped with multiple functions that allow you to prepare various dishes. These versatile appliances can be used to cook different types of grains, oats, soups, flavored rice, and even vegetables. Some models even include recipes created by professional chefs to inspire your culinary adventures. With a rice cooker that offers these options, you can explore new flavors and expand your cooking repertoire.

Is cleaning a rice cooker with a steamer difficult?

Nope! Cleaning a rice cooker with a steamer is usually quite easy. Most models come with dishwasher-safe accessories that can be conveniently cleaned alongside your regular dishwashing routine. The nonstick inner pot prevents food from sticking and makes cleaning effortless. Some models have removable parts that are easy to wash by hand as well. With minimal effort required for cleaning up after each use, you’ll have more time to enjoy your deliciously cooked meals!

Which size of instant pot rice cooker with steamer is suitable for a small household? Are you wondering which size of cookers is best for making porridge? Consider the measuring cup that comes with the instant pot to ensure accurate measurements.

If you have a small household, a rice cooker with a capacity of up to 3 cups would be ideal. This size provides enough cooked rice for around 2-3 people, making it perfect for couples or small families. Opting for a compact design will ensure that the rice cooker doesn’t take up too much counter space in your kitchen. Look for models specifically designed for smaller households and enjoy perfectly cooked meals without any waste.

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