Hamilton Beach 37543 Rice & Hot Cereal Cooker Review

If you don’t have time to stand over a pot of rice on the stove, staring and hoping that while it cooks it will turn out fine, a rice cooker will make your life so much easier. But with so many options available it can be tricky to decide which one will suit you. In this review we take a closer look at one of my favorites, the Hamilton Beach 37543 rice cooker.

Hamilton Beach Digital Programmable Rice Cooker & Food Steamer, 20 Cups Cooked (10 Uncooked), With Steam & Rinse Basket, Stainless Steel (37543)

The Hamilton Beach 37543 Rice & Hot Cereal Cooker offers two in one cooking and has a maximum capacity of 10 (cooked) cups of rice. It also comes with convenient features like a delay start and steam, heat and simmer options. It has six distinct settings for different types of rice or cereals and it comes in a lovely stainless steel finish with an aluminum internal pot.

The plastic components, like the steam and rinse basket, are all BPA-free as well. The lid is removable so you can access everything for easy cleaning. So this Hamilton Beach cooker promises quite the performance, but let’s weigh up the good and bad sides and get to our verdict.

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  • It comes with a two in one rinse and steam basket
  • It has a top capacity of 20 cups
  • It has a delay start function
  • It has a range of six versatile settings for different types of cereals
  • It has a steam cook option and heat and simmer
  • It has a stainless steel finish
  • The internal pot is made of aluminum
  • All the plastic components are BPA free
  • The lid is removable
  • It has an automatic switch from cooking to warming
  • Dimensions: 10.2 x 9.3 x 10 inches (25.9 x 23.6 x 25.4 cm)
  • Weight: 4.8 pounds (2.17 kg )
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  • It is easy to use and cooks well
  • The delay timer is very convenient
  • It works well for white and brown rice
  • The stainless steel design looks good and is durable
  • It removes all the guesswork from rice cooking
  • It is reasonably priced
  • It does well with light to medium use
  • It has a good capacity
  • The two in one function of the steam basket as a rice rinser is well thought out


  • The internal pot can be difficult to clean
  • Rice can easily stick to the bottom of the pot
  • It is not designed for heavy duty use
  • The plastic steamer basket is not very durable
  • It can have issues with leaking or overflowing and this leaves a messy machine and countertop
  • The lid can become warped


This rice cooker is well designed with easy-to-use menus and buttons. Hamilton Beach have made a cooker that is quick and easy to set up and handles different types of rice, beans and other cereals well. It is a mid-range rice cooker and is best suited for light to medium use. It will not do quite as well with heavy-duty, daily use.

The stainless steel design looks good and is durable. The delay timer makes this rice cooker very convenient for those of you who are too busy to spend hours watching a pot of rice on a stovetop.

It has a nice capacity that will suit various uses, from someone who needs to cook just a few cups to someone who plans their meals days in advance and needs a lot of rice at once.

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On the negative side, I have to say that, in my experience, this cooker can be a little temperamental. If you don’t measure exactly right with the included cup, it is easy for it to start boiling over or overflowing some of the liquid as it cooks. This will leave you with a starchy countertop that you need to clean, which is an unpleasant task. It can be difficult to clean, and the plastic parts aren’t very durable and will add to the tricky cleaning task.

However, that said, as long as you treat it well it should keep its non-stick coating and should not be too difficult to keep clean.

Final Verdict

This cooker has quite a large capacity for its price and size. I really like how easy it is to set it up and get started. The buttons are designed to function so you don’t need to hire a food scientist or appliance designer to figure it out.

If you keep in mind that this is not a heavy-duty rice cooker and that you shouldn’t constantly push it to the edge of its capacity, it will perform very well without any complaints. The delay timer is really convenient and really counts in this cooker’s favor. The dual function of steaming and cooking also makes preparing your favorite meal a joy rather than a chore.

The internal pot is nice and thin with a non-stick coating and the functions for different types of rice, or different ways of cooking make it very versatile. I really like the ease of use and would recommend this to anyone who needs a mid-range cooker that won’t destroy your household budget.

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It will work very well if you follow the instructions and don’t overuse it. This Hamilton Beach rice cooker is easy appreciate for its looks and price, but it will win you over with how well it performs.

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