How to Clean A Rice Cooker?

It is nice to have a good meal, but it is not that nice to do the dishes after you cooked. A rice cooker is pretty easy to clean and it will not leave you with the headaches that you encounter while doing something as unpleasant as doing the dishes.

It is true that this step is inevitable and at some point, you have to follow this step. The thing is that rice cookers usually can be used for more that only cooking rice. You can use the appliances to prepare pasta, stews, cheese, oatmeals and so much more.

They are easy to use and almost anyone can set their appliance to do some cooking in only a few moments. A rice cooker will do your job and will leave you with fewer worries and more free time.

When it comes to the cleaning process, there are a few things that you need to have around you in order to have a proper cleaning. You will need to use hot water, some dish soap, and a washcloth.

Sometimes you might find helpful a cleaning spray or a sandpaper, but they are optional. Here are some tips that you might want to take into consideration when you need to clean your rice cooker.

Tip 1: Let the rice cooker cool down

If you purchased recently a new rice cooker when you will be using it for the first time, keep in mind that it is very important to let the electric rice cooker cool down. Unplug the rice cooker and make sure that it will sit for 30 – 60 minutes before the actual cleaning process begins.

It is true that the recommended time for cooling varies from model to model and from size to size. To make sure about the time that you should wait, take a look at the manual with instructions that comes with the purchase, or even on the website of the manufacturer.

If you try to clean a rice cooker that is still hot, you should know that you can cause some serious safety hazards and put your life in danger.

Tip 2: Remove the burnt food

When cleaning an appliance like this, you might notice that on the main pot you will find pieces of burnt rice. It is very important to make sure that you get all bits removed. You might get tempted to ignore some of the stuck rice grains on the sides, but keep in mind that they will get harder and harder to remove if they will stay longer in that place.

You can remove the burnt rice with the help of a sponge that you can dump into water or with a washcloth and with soap. You can easily scrape the remaining, but make sure that you are gentle and not scratching the bottom of the cooking bowl.

Tip 3: Style of cleaning

One thing that you should keep in mind is that the appliance’s main components should be cleaned as the regular dishes are being washed. We are talking about the lid on top and the main pot. These specific parts can be cleaned with hot water, normal soap for dishes and a regular washcloth.

It is the best for your appliance to have those parts cleaned in a regular circular motion. So you can easily clean these parts like the other dishes.

Tip 4: Never skip cleaning

It is very important to clean the electric rice cooker after every use. You might be tempted to skip this step if everything appears to be clean after everything was removed from the cooking bowl. Keep in mind that your rice cooker can suffer from mold or mildew if it is not cleaned in a proper way.

The appliance produces moisture that you might not notice each time, but keep in mind that is there and you need to wash it off even if you can not see it.


Make sure to always clean your appliances and that you clean them in a proper way. You should never skip cleaning after you use the rice cooker even if it does not seem to need cleaning. It is important to take care of your appliance because it will provide you good-quality food for a longer period of time.

Also, rice cookers produce a lot of moisture and that might cause different problems if not washed. We are talking about mold and mildew. Of course, they can cause health problems and make you regret in the end that time you did not want to wash your appliance because you were too lazy to do it.

All in one, the process of cleaning is really simple and if you follow some basic steps, you will not have a problem regarding this.

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