How to Cook Parboiled Rice in a Rice Cooker: a Beginners Guide

Rice is a staple food that many people eat on a regular basis. It can be eaten by itself or served with other dishes to create a complete meal. If you are looking for how to cook parboiled rice, then this article will provide all the information you need!

What is Parboiled Rice?

Parboiled rice is made from white short-grain rice that has been soaked in water before being boiled until it becomes soft. This makes it easier to digest and, therefore, healthier than normal white rice. There are several ways of cooking parboiled rice, so please read on to find out how to cook parboiled rice in your own home!

3 Ways To Cook Parboiled Rice

Method 1 – On the Stove

The first method for cooking parboiled rice is to simply cook it in a pot on the stove. This is also the simplest method.

The kettle and pans are on the stove. Cooking in the kitchen

First, fill your pot with water until it covers all of the rice by around an inch.

Next, add one teaspoon of salt for every cup of dry, uncooked, white long grain or short grain rice that you will be cooking. The salt is important because it makes the rice softer and easier to digest, which means that you won’t have a hard time trying to eat your meal!

After adding in the salt, bring your pot of water to the boil and, once it has reached its boiling point, turn down the heat to low and let it simmer for around 20 minutes.

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After the rice has simmered for the full amount of time (and don’t be afraid to top up with more water – don’t let it run dry or the rice will burn!) you can either remove all of the water or keep some to create a moist dish that is more flavorful!

Method 2- Microwave

The next and less labor-intensive way to cook parboiled rice is to use a microwave. This method is best for people who do not have access to a rice cooker or, even a stove – this is often the case in temporary, shared, or smaller accommodation.

Teenage girl using microwave oven in a kitchen at home

You will need a large bowl and lid since this method requires you to steam the rice with the help of microwaves!

First, pour the desired quantity of rice into the bowl and add enough water to cover the rice by about an inch. I like to build the water in the kettle as this makes the process even faster. Again, add one teaspoon of salt for every cup of dry uncooked rice to get the best results!

After pouring in the required amount of rice and water – and you can also add a few herbs or, my favorite, saffron at this point you should then cover the bowl with a lid.

Be sure that there is some space between the top of the bowl and the lid so that steam can escape when microwaving and to prevent the contents of the bowl from ‘exploding’!

Place into the microwave and heat it for around seven minutes. If you’re not sure how much time is needed, just check your microwaving front panel or consult the guidebook.

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After heating for a few minutes, say 3 or 4, take the bowl out of the microwave and stir the rice. Replace the bowl and continue to cook for the full duration.

Your parboiled rice is now ready!

Remember that your rice will continue cooking as it cools down so make sure not to overcook for the best results!

Method 3- Rice Cooker

Another way (and the best one in my opinion) to cook parboiled rice is by using an electric rice cooker.

I think it’s best because it takes less time than on the stove, so it is more convenient if you are in a rush. It’s also cleaner and requires less attention, so really, it’s a win-win. Just like with the pot method above, fill your rice cooker, or even a pressure cooker, with water, add salt, and select the appropriate program.

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Next, put your uncooked long-grain white rice into the rice cooker and let it cook for around 15 minutes. You can set the time manually but, most rice cookers have preset programs for this, so, if available, use them. High-end rice cookers also have advanced technology such as fuzzy logic to ensure the best results, so again, if you have this feature be sure to use it.

This method is faster because it uses pressure to speed up the cooking process, but you need to be aware that overcooking your rice can lead to a mushy texture no matter how good your rice cooker is!

After cooking your rice for fifteen minutes (or however long your rice cooker recommends), remove all of the water, or if you prefer, keep a little back in order to serve your parboiled rice nice and moist!

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So, to summarize, learning how to cook parboiled rice is easy. I recommend that you use a rice cooker to get the best results, but if you don’t have a rice cooker, then you can get equally good results on the stove or even by using a microwave oven.

Once you have created the perfect parboiled rice, it’s time to check out some great rice dishes that can make the most of your efforts. Enjoy.

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