Why You Should Buy an Oster Rice Cooker

Oster is one of the longest established kitchen appliance brands on the market. Started over 75 years ago, they made their name with their huge range of blenders before expanding into other cooking appliances including, of course, rice cookers. Over the past three-quarters of a century, they have grown into a trusted, high-quality brand known for their great build quality and durability. It’s no surprise then, that even after such a long time they remain a firm favorite among professional chefs and home cooks alike. But, what makes an Oster rice cooker special and are there any things you need to do to get the best from them? Well, let’s take a look.

1. What is an oster rice cooker?

oster rice cooker

Simply put, an oster rice cooker is a kitchen appliance that cooks rice and other grains. It consists of an inner pot, outer pot and clamping lid with a steam vent on the top to release pressure. It also includes two metal trivets, one for inside the cooking vessel during cooking or warming (to prevent it from burning), and one for the bottom of the cooking vessel during serving.

Some models include a nonstick coating to make cleanup easier, but this is not essential as it can be scrubbed clean if necessary.

Oster rice cookers are generally available in two sizes: 16 cups/48 ounces (US) or 24 cups/64 ounces (US) and are either electric or can be used in a microwave oven. Some models can also be used on the stovetop but these are less common than the other 2.

The electric models have a heating element in the bottom pot and use an automatic timer to switch from “cook” mode when it is finished cooking, to “warming” or “keep warm.” whereas microwave models heat up the water in the bottom pot and cook rice in the top pot using microwaves.

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2. The different types of Oster Rice Cookers

As I hinted at earlier, Oster rice cookers can be electric, stove-top, or microwave. Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of each.

Electric: If you’re looking for a way to save counter space in your kitchen or have no patience when it comes to cooking rice, check out the electric model. This type has a pot that heats up within seconds so you don’t need to stand over them while making dinner!

Stove-top: If you’re looking for a rice cooker that delivers the best results, then this model is perfect for you. If you want to cook a variety of dishes at once and need to save space in your kitchen by not using an extra pot or pan on the stove then the stovetop model makes a lot of sense.

Microwave type: The best choice if you want versatility and speed. This type of Oster cooker cooks up to six dishes at once and uses less energy than a conventional oven. Using it, you will save time and money by cooking multiple dishes at once and, because it cooks more (and faster) you leave yourself more free time for other activities

So, the best Oster rice cooker for me is the microwave type because it’s easier to clean, I can pre-heat and cook other foods in addition to my rice and I don’t have to stand over it while cooking dinner!

3. How to use it for the first time 

When you are using an Oster rice cooker for the first time (or indeed any other kind of rice cooker) it’s best to follow these simple steps.

  • Wash your hands before handling food items
  • Fill up water in the inner pot and place on top of trivet inside outer cooking pot (if included)
  • Add desired amount of uncooked white or brown rice into cooking pot
  • Close the lid, and plug in rice cooker. Select desired cooking time by pressing on “cook” button or using the timer (if included)
  • Once rice is done cooking, unplug rice cooker to prevent overcooking of food items
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Safety is paramount so make sure you read the manual and understand what all the controls do.

4. How to cook perfect rice with your new cooker

The best way to cook perfect rice with an Oster Rice Cooker is simple. All you need are these three easy steps!

bowl of rice

Step one: Wash your hands, fill up water in the pot and place on top of trivet inside the outer cooking pot (if included)

Step two: Add the desired amount of uncooked white or brown rice into the cooking pot. Close lid and plug-in rice cooker. Select the cooking time by pressing “cook” button or using the timer (if included). Once done, unplug to prevent overcooking of food items.

Step three: Enjoy your perfect rice!

5. Pros and cons of owning an oster rice cooker

Oster Rice Cookers are a great way to cook rice, but they also have some drawbacks that you should be aware of before making your purchase.

The most obvious advantage is the sheer variety of cooking options. You can make perfect rice using an electric cooker, stove-top, or microwave type as well as many other types of dishes including steaming vegetables and prepping food ahead for freezing.

However, there are some disadvantages too: especially if you’re looking to save space in your kitchen or don’t want to stand over it while making dinner! An Oster rice cooker with a timer takes up more time than one without because it needs to switch from “cook” mode when it’s finished cooking, to “warming” or “keeping warm” mode while it’s cooking.

They can be used for other forms of cooking such as steaming vegetables, prepping food ahead and preparing amazing creamy oatmeal

On some of the cheaper models, there’s no timer function which means if you’re like me and sometimes forget about your meal until it’s been cooking for hours then you realize how valuable a timer is!

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Also, while an electric model might save space they are more expensive than stovetop models but, usually, the price difference comes down to features rather than the type of cooker. Remember, the best time to buy one is when Black Friday comes around because there will always be great deals!

6. Why you should buy this product instead of a traditional stovetop or electric model

I’ve been using an Oster Rice Cooker for six months now and love how clean it stays after every use because I can pre-heat other dishes inside at the same time.

The best thing is that there are so many different types and models on the market nowadays, which means you can find one perfect for your needs! For example:  if you’re worried about space then an electric model might be best or if budget is a concern then maybe look into buying refurbished come Black Friday. The possibilities are endless…just make sure that before you buy anything else, given all these reasons why Oster rice cookers are worth investing in now!

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