Rice Cooker vs. Crock-Pot

Crock-pots and rice cookers may have many similarities and things in common, but they are also so different. They both are designed on the same concept of setting everything and walking away so that the appliances will do their jobs as it was set to do. Who does not like how this sounds? Both of these appliances represent a great help for you in the kitchen.

If you want to save some of your precious time so that you can do different things that might seem more important, then depending on your needs, one of these appliances will be a time-saver for you.

Maybe the biggest distinction between the rice cooker and the crock pot is the heat that they produce. They create different types of heat that affect the way that they are used and the types of food that you can set for cooking.

Rice cookers will work fast and will set the mixture inside the cooking bowl for a rapid boil that will make the final result very nice regarding its consistency. When it comes to crock pots, they are distributing the heat in a slower and even way and this is the reason why they can take hours for the food to be done.

How to choose between a crock pot and a rice cooker?

With all the cards on the table, things are simple between the crock pot and the rice cooker. One can not do what the other one can and vice versa. If you think that you can not afford at the moment both of these appliances, then pick the one that you think will deliver more benefits.

Think about what meals you prepare more often and the amount of time that you usually have available to assign for cooking before meals. The best option is to have both a rice cooker and a crock pot because together they make the best meals.

In time you can make investments in good-quality appliances because having them in your kitchen will double the ease of cooking different dishes for different times of the day.

Crock pots

Crock pots are interesting appliances that have a cooking time that will start from 2 hours and can get up to 10 hours and even more to that when they are used in the warming mode. They can cook your meals in different cooking modes: low, warm, high.

A cool feature that crock pots have is that they use a flexible programming system. With this appliance, you can start to cook anything you want to, from casseroles that you serve for breakfast to different types of roasts, stews or appetizers.

They are easy to use and they will cook for you the best meals and will also keep them warm after the cooking process is done so that you can serve it at a pleasant temperature. Crock-pots are also known as slow cookers if you are confused by the name. The size range of the slow cookers is around 3 to 7 quarts.

Rice cookers

Oh the other hand, rice cookers will get the job done in less than a few hours. You can cook with this appliance different types of food such as vegetables, poultry, grains and of course, rice.

The list does not end here, you can experiment on your own and feel free to try different recipes that you think will work. The size range for this appliance is from 2 to 30 cups. Most of the rice cookers have an option that you can select and it will keep the food warm for you to serve it at a pleasant temperature.

They are easy to use, you simply have to measure the ingredients that you want to cook, then you have to place them into the cooking bowl, set the timer and let it do its job, come when the food is ready. Some rice cookers have included a steamer basket that is perfect for steaming vegetables or other food.


All in one, in the light of the above mentioned, rice cookers and crockpots are nice to have around the kitchen. It is true that they work the best together because they have different methods and settings of cooking and one can prepare meals that the other can not and vice-versa, for example, you can use both appliances and serve at dinner brown rice with chicken teriyaki.

But it is not necessary to have them both, and it might be a little expensive to invest in two appliances at the same time. So you can start with buying a rice cooker for your family and slowly understand how it works and how it can help you. After using a rice cooker for a while you will see an improvement and you will slowly start to get interested into the crock-pots, too.

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